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Dana Kirk

With quite an interesting career trajectory; spanning television, music, tech, and streaming – Dana Kirk has touched almost every corner of the entertainment industry. To rewind to the beginning – before Dana joined the innovative & game-changing culture at Netflix and before overseeing the marketing strategy for Fabolous, Pusha T, Common & a slew of music’s finest –  Dana Kirk got her start in the world of film and television. “One of my first gigs in Hollywood was a personal assistant position with actress Elizabeth Hurley. That lasted three months. I think the breaking point for me was having to take care of her pet octopus. I also did some acting, sang hooks for struggling rappers and was temping at various companies…just trying to find my footing. To say my parents were nervous for me, during my early years, is an understatement.”

Eagerly seeking a more “behind the scenes role”, Dana landed a more permanent position as a casting assistant at VH1. After a year of hustling to learn the business, she shifted to Nickelodeon, where she quickly ascended from Assistant to Senior Talent Executive. In that role, Dana managed Nickelodeon’s on-air talent and secured celebrities for major events (i.e. The Kids’ Choice Awards, Halo Awards, etc). After a six-year stint at Nickelodeon, she moved to New York and jumped from television to music where she was named Director of Video Promotions for Island Def Jam. After the two record labels split, Dana then rose to become the head of the department overseeing the video promotions staff at the iconic Def Jam Recordings. In video promotions, Dana managed the visual media for the label and partnered with artists to create original content pieces, documentaries, music specials, award show performances and more…cultivating key relationships along the way. Dana then segued into the marketing department at Def Jam as a Lead Strategist, where she managed the projects of some of the most important artists in the business today.

While Def Jam was very much a part of her DNA, after two years on the marketing team, Dana could no longer ignore the fact that there was a fast growing and exciting tech industry that could allow her to learn a new business, while still being creative. Taking a leap of faith, she left her position at Def Jam and took a position at the micro-blogging platform, Tumblr, as Head of East Coast Entertainment Partnerships. While her stint at Tumblr only lasted a year, Dana received a fast and furious education on the ins and outs of the tech industry. “Tumblr is a passionate and engaged platform. My time there allowed me to not only learn about tech but also about how to marry tech with entertainment, build fandoms, manage and engage social communities and create in an entirely new space.” With tech being a very ‘hard to get in, but once you’re in, you’re in’ type environment…it wasn’t long before other tech and streaming behemoths started calling. Again, taking a leap of faith – Dana exited Tumblr and entered Netflix, where she is currently managing the streaming giant’s Global Creative Marketing campaigns for Netflix Original Films.